As a Student or Recent Graduate, employment at AHM will put you on the Fast Track in pursuing your career goals. Our firm size and supportive environment will allow you to quickly learn and acquire valuable technical skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in the industry.

EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING. Our progressive management approach and intimate staff size will provide you with valuable hands-on experience and in-depth training to jump start your career to give you a competitive advantage in achieving your professional goals.

TOTAL SUPPORT. At the forefront of technology in our industry, we provide our staff with advanced technical systems and premium resources enable them to perform tasks with ease and efficiency. We also nurture collaborative teamwork among staff members which allows us to work effectively together to deliver the highest quality of products and services to our clients.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT. At AHM, you will have the opportunity to determine your career path and set your personal and career goals with the guidance, encouragement and support of the Partners.

CPA EDUCATION & TUITION REIMBURSEMENT. As an investment in our associates pursuing their CPA Certification, we provide 100 percent coverage for CPA Examination courses, CPA Examination fees, and fully-paid salary on CPA Examination days. We also provide financial assistance for Continuing Education (40 hours each year). 

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM. For students, our internship program provides an excellent opportunity for you to gain valuable technical skills and “real-world” industry experience even before you graduate.

BENEFITS AND REWARDS. In addition to offering highly competitive salaries, our firm size allows us to provide our valued staff members with Premium BENEFITS and Rewards as well as ADDED BENEFITS to support a healthy and comfortable balance in their personal and professional lives.


We are continually looking for talented and motivated staff members to join our team.

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