At AHM, we understand the importance of balance in your professional and personal lives. To help you to achieve a comfortable and healthy Work/Life balance, we not only provide a supportive environment that enables you to achieve your career goals, we also offer Work/Life Balance Benefits & Services to enhance your personal life as well.

PAID TIME OFF (PTO). In addition to PAID HOLIDAYS, regular full-time AHM professional staff members earn 16 days of PTO for every year. This increases to twenty-one days after 5 years of service. These PTO days are provided to allow you the flexibility to take time off for vacation, personal business or time with family. 

BUSY SEASON PERKS. During the busy season, we provide catered lunches (weekends) and dinners (weeknights) to reduce time pressures.


In addition to the Standard Package of benefits offered by competitive firms, our size allows us to provide Premium Benefits and Rewards to our valued professionals and staff members.

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