Our core values are what we stand by as they put us above the competition. These values center around the strong and long-lasting relationships we have developed and nurtured with our clients, employees and the business community.

WE HAVE THE UTMOST RESPECT FOR OUR CLIENTS. As their trusted advisors, we take the greatest care in providing products and services which hold long-term value and opportunities for success and wealth retention. We do this by applying our in-depth knowledge, expertise and insight to forecast and anticipate events rather than reacting to them after the fact.

WE GREATLY VALUE OUR CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS. Our firm is large enough to serve the needs of growing middle market companies, but small enough to deliver personalized services to company owners and management. We value open communication between our clients, employees and associates, since it is only through dialogue and discussion that ideas are shared, relationships are formed and success is achieved.

WE REGARD OUR EMPLOYEES AS TREMENDOUS ASSETS. We recognize that the contributions of our talented staff members have been invaluable in establishing AHM as one of the most highly respected local full-service accounting firms. We therefore provide our staff with cutting-edge technology and advanced resources to enable them to perform tasks with ease and efficiency.  We also offer comprehensive support, including a mentoring program, continuing education, competitive compensation, excellent benefits and a flexible working environment to ensure that they attain their personal as well as career goals.

OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO THE COMMUNITY. As one of the leading businesses in our local industry, we feel that it is both our responsibility and privilege to contribute our expertise and leadership skills where they can be of benefit to the community. We also maintain the highest ethical standards and give our clients our Promise of Integrity which serves as our commitment to protect public interest.


Our commitment to our Clients, Knowledge & Expertise, combined with our Advanced Technology gives AHM the advantage over our competitors.