As a business owner, you are faced with making critical decisions and meeting challenges that have a direct impact on both your business and personal financial objectives.

BUSINESS LIFE CYCLE & SUCCESSION PLANNING. Our tax professionals build relationships with you in order to understand your goals, assist you in identifying the critical issues, and provide comprehensive strategic solutions for each stage of your business life cycle. Through these services we provide:

  • Assistance in developing a comprehensive succession plan based on your ownership and management succession objectives
  • The development of acquisition strategies to maximize strengths and opportunities
  • Recommendations on tax implications for purchase of assets, stock, mergers and acquisitions and tax deferred reorganizations
  • Evaluations of tax implications for mergers and acquisition opportunities
  • Plans for long-term disposition strategy
  • Tax-advantaged selling strategies to enhance value
  • Tax deferral strategies to maximize sale proceeds
  • Structuring of income and deductions to meet personal goals
  • Personalized wealth management and accumulation strategies and solutions
  • Timely tax law updates and strategies to maximize new opportunities
  • Technical accuracy in tax return preparation